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Company "Gyokovi Brothers" Ltd. was founded in 1997. In the beginning the product range consists of ladies and men's cotton underwear. Notwithstanding the small scale of production, the company quickly took its place in the market thanks to quality materials, the professionalism of its employees and not least the right market orientation. To meet the increased interest in constantly increasing production range, the company has repeatedly expanded its production capacity, and in 2006 the company's managers built its own building, an area of 2500 square meters. Production opportunities and growing the company product range now exceeds 520 items, covering all ages and sizes of underwear and pajamas. Introduced a quality control at all levels: entry, intermediate and final, leading to high production quality. Therefore, "Brothers Gyokovi" Ltd. works exclusively with renowned Turkish, Italian and Bulgarian suppliers of fabrics. 

 The company's factory has a Design department, Embroidery department, Cutting department, Ironing department, Packing department, press for thermal transfer printing and screenprinting. 

The company applied for a project supported by the European Union - Support for increasing the competitiveness of small "companies". 
At this moment "Gyokovi Brothers" Ltd. works except for the Bulgarian market and chains Slovenian company "Mercator" and "Spar". 
The company has participated in the exhibition "Made in Bulgaria", "Plovdiv Fair".